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126. Austerely and pure in thought commence My Work.
Remember the obstacles at the beginning of every great task.
The temple gates are shut and prayers are forgotten
during the battle, but the flowers of the spirit will blossom and entwine themselves
on the old walls.
Naught can deter the Hand of the Creator of the New World.
I say unto thee: My Shield is covered with arrows,
but at the Spirit's Feast shall We assemble victorious.
Strive for victory. For the present dismiss thoughts of
peace and be vigilant. My warriors!
I know thou art ready to adorn with roses the path of
My School, but the times are bitter.
All will be well.
127. Displaying fearlessness, thou showest a noble
example to those around thee.
I teach thee to meet life's experiences with light hearts.
I shall explain I am hastening thy karma, and or the
way I strip the masks of men.
The power increases at the manifestation of another soul.
Thou wilt reach that predestined by Christ.
128. Strive for the future and different forces will be
summoned for thy aid.
Of various instruments is the orchestra composed,
but the symphony is soon ended and the sounds
die away through the open window.
Better to pay heavily, the sooner to learn the predestined path.
The eye will perceive instead of briars a garden nurtured by love.
The heart is aware of the phantoms of the mind, but it knows the truth.
129. Priceless is M's Guidance on the road of life.
Dark ones beset the way.
Seldom does the spirit's light assert itself.
Far from tilled is the eternal field.
Widespread are discord and hate.
The Chalices of Angels do not terrify men.
As passengers on a short journey are men in their earthly life, facing Infinity.
130. The Bliss manifested on the Heavenly Heights
will bestow courage upon the legion of warriors for Truth.
At times the Truth is veiled in symbols.
The mind cannot comprehend the parallels of life,
and they must be unfolded through earthly signs.
Men need familiar images, and by way of illusion is
the spirit uplifted to its True Dwelling.
131. As often as Karma permits. My Hand removes the dangers from thy path.
The earth hides the view of the mountains, yet shall thou reach them.
132. Each righteous attempt helps the cause.
It is necessary to send the arrows through Me or directly,
but the aim must be benevolent.
Arrows may be aimed even at a rogue.
For the sake of My Cause thou mayest be insistent,
but without anger, spreading the creative force of benevolence.
Wrath begets wrath, but My children can extinguish
the red flame with the blue ray.
With the power of the blue ray canst thou erect a
temple, but the red cloud will blight the noblest tendrils of thy soul.
133. M. has many towers and sentinels upon the slopes of Himalaya.
None without guide shall penetrate the snowy barriers.
Amidst the glaciers Giants keep watch upon the currents of the world.
The fields of ice blossom with pure fire. and the air is rich with ozone.
134. Recognize the call even in the fall of the rose petal.
Life is full of calls the fire brings thee to the summit of Mysteries.
135. Pure tears bring roses to M.
The good does not rust.
136. My Hands bring aid to thee I send the miracle of Love.
M. has many ways to manifest His Care.
137. My Hands are full of bounties, but the opponents must be stopped.
I shall assert the might of My Teachings upon those of limited mind.
138. Realize the healing power of prana.
The torpor of life is dispelled in the pure rays of the sunset.
Be calm and assert thy wisdom.
M. knows how racked is thy spirit by the hovering
shadows, but those who come to scoff shall pray.
139. Reap wisdom from the manifestations of life.
I shall give thee many tokens, but be watchful.
Imagination cannot compare with life.
140. Let naught in the path of knowledge of Divine
Wisdom hinder thee.
Different tasks require different implements.
141. M's Flowers flourish not in many gardens,
but they may blossom even on ice.
As healing ointments. My leaves will cure thy wounds.
142. I will grant thee power to see and hear.
The first essentials are purity of air and calmness of spirit.
143. The knots of life are easily untied.
144. Let the happy hunter face his enraged tormenters with courage.
It is good to give a true and serious judgment
on the austere and profound manifestations of creation.
It is unworthy to be content with mediocrity
and with the clamor of the passing show.
The perception grows and life's experience expands.
145. On pure soil dost thou begin My Manifestations.
I will point out the time for every pure beginning.
Need shall not affront thee.
The laws of men shall not violate thy order.
Deem it a blessing to bring light amidst the dark and inimical hosts.
We have determined to reveal the ways of enlightening
cruel hearts to soften them by the balm of Beauty.
But the iron of the dark spirit is colder and harder than the words of Bliss.
Only with great travail does the Hand of Truth bend the prison bars.
From Above rain the words of Truth,
But men have fashioned umbrellas to cover themselves
from the storm of God's Clouds.
But the shower will saturate even their dry hearts.
We obscure the evil, and by lightning illumine the path of Good.
Only the blind can doubt display patience for the future steps.
146. I give thee happiness accept it and learn to comprehend its meaning.
All that is possible to hasten without destruction will be hastened.
Life shows its teeth but the spirit is undaunted.
You may calmly face a new year full of events.
The tide is rising. I send My Blessings.
147. Half of human life passes on the astral plane,
but men do not remember.
Men search for knowledge but perceive it not.
Blessed are you who comprehend the knowledge of the
future and its ever-changing outlines.
By love will you learn the boundaries of the new order of life.
The miracle of perception into the future will come
without the sound of cannons.
But the bell will summon each wayfarer lost within the forest.
148. Be not depressed the battle was foretold;
thou wert forewarned.
The very name of the Master rouses the enemy.
Little wonder that the dark ones would wound My
warriors, but the Unseen Guide keeps watch.
Thy impulse is natural soldiers at the battle line,
seeing not their commander,
chafe among themselves;
but with telephone and spyglass
he keeps constant watch.
Accept the fight and try to shield My Name.
The weak are terrified by growls, but the strong laugh at the sight of the teeth.
149. We shall assert Our Existence.
We shall unfold the pure teachings of the happy journey of life.
Harass not thyself after thou understandeth the
different aspects of Our Teaching, thou wilt walk the broad highway.
Be benevolent not by impulse bat by constant striving.
With pure spirit must thou work, and all will follow without effort.
150. The ray disperses the clouds a new path is revealed to the conqueror.
151. Messages come more readily through dry channels.
Smile tears interrupt the current.
Only certain glands may be used,
and these as long as they are not irritated.
With clouds of tears does the world obstruct the beneficial currents.
152. Amidst the unfathomable tumult of life do We erect Our Temple.
We labor on, and each stone is drenched with the sweat of pain.
Keep watch upon the school, and strive to conceive the Eternal Structure.
Lonely stands the summit never does the feeling of solitude forsake it.
Blessed art thou it tins feeling is known to thee.
Thou art on the way to Us.
Yet the snowy summit feeds the streams of the plains,
and waters the fields for harvest.
Upon the summit does the sun bestow its first ray,
And the moon is reflected in its glaciers.
And none know the womb of the hot springs,
and they wonder at the seething waters beneath the snow.
Be not afraid of the holy bliss of solitude.
But through love let it enlighten thee.
Love and Lightning do I manifest.
The Lips that have created can forbid
The Light is given there is danger in retreat. We need not the weak of mind.
153. Smile I grant thee the joy of spreading the Teaching of Christ,
The joy of conceiving the Greatness of the Universe,
The joy of manifested labor,
The joy of resignation.
154. My Shield, thou canst hold.
In each pure thought lies the Glory of God.
155. From east and west will come My warriors,
And among the conquerors I shall recognize those chosen by Me.
And thou shalt know those consecrated by Me.
The grass in its growth fulfills the Will of God.
Higher than the grass is the human spirit, and in
Our Teaching its mission exceeds thoughts of good.
156. Thou servest a cause beyond the reach even of wealth.
The pure offering is returned by God
to those who in pure faith offered Isaac upon the altar;
And Mount Moriah, which accepted the offering,
will guard the treasure of the heart.
Not a small task is thine:
Without pride and self interest thou didst lay all thy
possessions upon the altar.
Can I, the Truth Bearer, pass silently by those who,
amidst the cold and storm, brought useful
tributes for the coming harvest?
In the keeping of My Covenant wilt thou find protection.
Need shall not approach My Manifestations.
Be tranquil in the light of Truth.
The mountain before thee is not a trial, but verily a mission.
157. Mist blinds only the worldly eye, but he who
perceives the phenomena of life beholds also the passing events.
Our Gates, once conquered, lead toward untold wealth.
Each grain is the sun's gold and a shield from the lunar light of the earth.
Between the paths of sun and moon must one choose.
The sun performs miracles by day.
The moon casts fleeting shadows.
Walk in the sunlight open-eyed and the day will become a wondrous fairy tale.
158. Seek not for waters in the sand.
Ice is not found amidst sultriness.
The steepest paths lead to the mountain.
159. Repose in My constant Guidance and Love for thee.
Through the cumulative labor of centuries hast thou built thy happiness.
160. Under My Banners shall I assemble new men.
Dedicate thyselves to the task of gathering the people
and erecting My Temple with their hands.
Tarry not at M's call.
Be steadfast and lay thy way to Me.
161. In thy daily life do I teach thee.
Fear not the weak-spirited like dry leaves will they be blown away.
162. I bring the joy of spirit.
My Hand is above thy pure thoughts.
M. teaches thee to beseech the Holy Brothers
to show thee the steps of the mountain path.
Through the hand can the best current be transmitted.
The hand can arrest the waters.
An obscure consciousness transmits not the current.
It were wise to feel thy strength at the moment of contact.
163. Be as the ray of the sun, as the song of the bird.
164. I reveal to thee the vast school of life.
By measuring the ways of men canst thou gain wisdom.
Falter not in thy pure striving and I will lead thee
on the path of the chosen ones.
Weaken not nor tarry in thy strife.
165. I consider the schools of concentration dangerous
in a heavy atmosphere.
Men persist in their chosen desires,
but the current is too weak
and they create only an image in their brains.
For powerful visions is needed an atmosphere, charged
with electricity and a consciousness in repose.
166. My Hand is a Shield of Protection over thee.
My Hand will scatter the clouds.
167. The Teacher will bridle the unruly ones.
The Teacher bids thee read the words of Origen.
Thou wilt begin to understand the transgressions
committed by the Church.
The ways of Origen's school will be of guidance for our day.
168. My Name rouses your enemies to opposition,
and My Messengers must help you in your battle.
Your earthly support is not strong,
but under the shelter of Invisible Allies you will conquer.
169. M's Temple will summon the noblest among the builders.
I shall set fast the shield, and the enemies' arrows
will adorn the armor of victory.
Be patient in thy watch.
The call may come even in the night hour.
The faithful are deaf to the voice of the stranger.
The morning sun is beheld by the watchful ones.
But dark are those who have missed the early light.
I am with thee and will shield thee.
Each man is the creator of his destiny.
170. Expose the acts of vulgarity.
M. is fighting.
The Hand of Mercy strikes.
Follow the Wisdom of M.
Commands are given in ways accessible to humanity.
171. A pure task is pointed out by diverse means.
A multitude of bodies crowd the street, but dim is the light Of their auras.
172. There is an inner meaning in all things.
On thy mission point out that neither the cares
of the house nor want have stayed thee from the path to Us.
They will make excuses to thee that want and children impede the way.
But children are flowers of the earth
and poverty is the gift of purification.
They will say to thee, "It is easy to serve God when thou art rich."
But ye, too, have known want.
They will say to thee, "Thou art fortunate to have friends and helpers."
But ye, too, have known the hearts of stone.
Useless is the leader who is not wise in battle.
Directing thy steps toward the heights,
I am arming thee for life's struggles.
Avoid the sluggards helpers come in growing numbers.
Not a miracle but a tempered blade is thy life.
On the way to the Temple thou must pass the dust and dirt of the way.
Even a beggar's joy is great at sight of the sun. I am with thee.
173. Understand, there is no progress with the slumbering ones.
If the touch of men has significance, how much greater Our Contact.
The touch of men may linger, but Our Touch bestows
energy for an allotted time.
Often a wooden image is more cherished than a gilded one.
A miracle enters life unnoticed.
It takes time for a pure teaching to make its impress.
174. Yesterday you approached the question of aura.
Each one perceives the astral sheath through the color of his own aura.
The fuller the harmony of his aura, the truer the image.
He whose sense of duty is acute will see this before aught else.
As those who are attracted by love will be borne to the
Realm of Love, and, transported, will comprehend
the joy of Beauty.
But only the gem that radiates all hues of Truth
can reflect the full Splendor of the Future.
Yet must we appreciate the pure stone of one color.
We learn to smile at errors.
Books are as the passing thoughts of men; they must be chosen.
Many easy things are useless when you gain instruction from Me.
When berries are gathered in the woods only the best are taken.
175. Be on your guard.
Let naught impure enter My Dwelling.
I will assail with lightning the traitors to My Task.
I will strike terror upon those reckless ones.
My Shield shall protect those who teach.
We will manifest wonders to those who render homage.
We will send blessings to the guardians of My Sign.
I will send you My Word. Carry it to the disciples. I am with you!
176. Our Task is to help humanity.
Often a Yogi, merging into Nirvana, strives to forget the earth.
177. The sun's smile amidst the clouds brings forth
the radiant rainbow.
Thou shalt remember the Aura of the Teacher smiling
through the dewdrops of that future day of glory.
I endure My Name is defamed.
My Works are assailed and distorted.
Hostile hands would cleave asunder My Shield.
But the roots of the new race are growing.
Listen to the truth thy clouds gather from the
knowledge of the unprecedented world cataclysm.
The blind are rejoicing, the deaf make merry.
But the awakened spirit is filled with foreboding and sorrow.
Weak-spirited is he who in the battle dreams of peace.
In five years an age is outspanned,
Yet does mankind regard its swift-running course as disaster.
178. I shall send to thee consolation pure thoughts do not die,
they flourish though the earth congeal.
179. Weigh not too severely the happenings of life;
their chains are drawing thee to the Gates.
Pure thoughts are needed to surmount the stones upon the way.
He who dreams himself as righteous is not righteous;
But he who regards himself as cruel attests the progress of his spirit.
The soul does not rust, and the spirit begins to assume its true form.
180. In the schools of the future the ways of spiritual
growth will be taught by those who have gained full ascent.
My chosen ones will bring My simple Word of what
must be rendered to the great nation.
And personal love, national love, and universal love
will render praise and sacrifice to the Creator of Love.
We send to thee Our Help and Blessing.
181. A pure conception of music helps the transmission of the current.
We pray by sounds and by the symbols of Beauty.
Heart and mind struggle not when they float upon the
Ocean of Creation.
And the bird of the spirit flutters upon the breeze of harmony.
And the steel of the word flashes in the furnace of Truth.
182. He who is wise is tearless.
A miracle comes unforeseen.
All that is new has its meaning.
Often a grain is of more importance than a mountain.
183. Thou must aspire.
For the way of aspiration provides a new window,
and the window leads to the open.
Who desires receives. All things have their significance.
184. A miracle is wrought amidst striving to the future life.
185. Think not of food.
He who fasts and in his heart covets food is of small merit.
Not with hay do you prepare your beings for salvation,
But through the growth of your spirit shall you achieve.
186. Fret not it were better to rejoice at each grain of creation of the spirit.
Creation has its place even among the dark ones.
Look through a microscope and life will reveal myriads of wonderful forms.
In darkness an eye masters better the spiritual light.
187. It is wise not to worry but to strive joyfully. You must think -
thoughts create deeds.
188. Discern in the new happenings the battle which was foretold.
You already know how strained is everything.
We offered happiness woe to those who rejected it.
189. Count the actions of vehement enemies
preferable to those of lukewarm friends.
Knowledge devoid of love is dead, but the radiance of the rainbow comprises all fires.
190. The full spectrum of light is sometimes
unpleasant to the human eye because of the high vibrations.
191. The details of the way arise according to the
karmas and auras of those whom you encounter.
192. A bird ruffles its wings in the cold, but the sun will dry its feathers.
193. The character of the people will be illumined by the beauty of spirit.
Weep not where tears are useless; arrows are needed
to transfix the dark spirit.
194. Thou hast sacrificed much for Our Task.
Let others now face the scoffers in the Name of the Lord.
Rest before the new assault.
But the last Gates are near.
Not a peaceful Gospel do I preach.
In battle remember My Shield.
195. Each day brings new possibilities.
A bird, before its flight, cannot foresee how it will traverse the ocean.
196. If one would give ear to the desires for immediate fulfillment,
the Universe would be destroyed.
Fear not moods; as leaves they will be blown away.
The pure spring from beneath the snow will quench thy thirst.
197. Thou art weary of waiting, but try to
comprehend how disheartening it is to see the structure still lacking a roof.
The human spirit resists the good.
I will aid thee I am entering the battle.
198. The impatience of the passengers cannot hasten the express.
New circumstances occasion new flights.
Hasten not all things will come.
199. A miracle is wrought you perform services
important for the manifestation of future life.
The difficulties of the task exceed not those of polishing a diamond.
A hostile will must be diverted to the good as the
water current to the mill.
But how many dams must the miller build before he deflects the current!
A hand must possess strength, and the eye vision,
to perceive new possibilities.
That labor is of worth which is performed with one's own hands.
By labor do you unlock the Gates to the Land of your striving.
Everything is possible, but remember that what is
predestined is manifested at the appointed time.
Who aspires will attain.
Learn through the manifestations of life.
We send you the visages of persons and events;
And both reveal to you the fixed plan of wondrous race evolution.
I bring a talisman to all.
Whosoever proclaims Beauty shall be saved.
200. We are ready to help, if men do not prevent.
Only to a knock do We open the Gates.
The arrows of Our agent direct the energy.
All worlds are on trial,
And the Tablets of the Creator are covered with the records of trial.
And the Sun of Suns shines to the everlasting Song of the Great Labor.
201. Search for the significance in each manifestation of life.
Thou must fight the destroyers of mankind.
The attack is drawing near, and thou must discover the
right path amidst the battle.
202. Sacrifices have been made upon M's Mountain.
It is difficult to pray when the mind is obsessed with worldly thoughts.
Thy will must guard the place of prayer.
It is better to know men than to be deceived by their masks.
If human hearts were filled with beauty, no sacrifices
would be needed.
But manifold are the dark ones.
Therefore, it is a thorny way that leads to each truth.
203. The twilight is easily dispelled by the ray.
Know how to solve a problem beyond the reach of wealth.
204. Think of the future need and linger not at the present.
My Help is great and is given without delay.
205. I revealed to thee new visages learn to discern.
It is painful to learn the true faces of friends,
But knowledge precedes all else.
206. A steed quivers under the lash of the whip.
Purusha trembles in the presence of injustice.
Blessed are the courageous and the just.
The only judge is thy spirit, wherein is God.
207. The Cosmos is reflected in the pupil of every eye.
And God dwells in every heart.
Woe to those who expel God.
Better never to know than to betray.
The Teacher was manifested, and the Name of the
Messiah was pronounced in My Temple.
Not to small things will you be witnesses.
The cloud above God's Mountain will be dispersed.
The lightning of the Word will illumine the abysses.
New, new, new ones, beautiful ones, sensitive ones,
exalted ones, will be assembled.
The Teacher has entrusted thee to manifest Him.
Gather people under My roof.
M's Mountain is erected, is upheld, and is encircled by the plough of labor.
208. Degrade not yourselves with trivial judgments,
And with a smile accost danger.
Is there aught of terror under M's Shield?
209. Thy faith should be aflame,
And thou shouldst look forward without expectance.
Expect naught, yet be cognizant of the motion of a blade of grass.
210. I feel the dust blinds thy sight and the battle deafens thee.
But knowledge will come to vanquish the earthly frailties.
Thou must know that the chosen path leads to the Source of Wisdom.
By symbols wilt thou know to time the steps of thy ascension.
And the passing events will be a book of life.
I reveal to thee all the steps, and the path leads straight onward,
The Creator is seeking forms.
Blessed are strife and the search.
Be aflame, shine and give light.
The juice of knowledge is gathering, and the fruit
ripens under the hand of the gardener.
211. The spirit cannot die, nor can the mind devastate
the Miracle of the Creator.
A tree spreads its shelter over many, but the gardener
knows the growth of each branch.
The branches of the tree are gnarled, but the form of
the tree appears mighty to the traveler.
And the shade of its foliage shields the passer-by.
Pure thoughts are twined like branches.
Each is different but its growth strengthens the tree.
212. Where My Forces must be spared,
You must obey. Understand it.
213. Pure thoughts are protected through a talisman.
A talisman is as scientific as a magnet.
214. There are diverse ways but the heart recognizes the surest.
To understand clearly means to learn much.
215. Deeply laid is the foundation.
The builders laying the base know not the grandeur of the future towers.
But the architect already has designed their height.
Let cowardice depart and let treason build its own nest.
By demolishing these nests with lightning and smiting
cowardice with a whirlwind shall We forge the way.
Go and work.
216. Unfathomable is the Calm of the Creator amidst the manifold turmoil.
After a first repose there is a second.
217. Be not disturbed when fatigue overcomes the body.
The spirit is ever free.
Amidst the battle thou art permitted a respite.
218. Measure the attitudes of the new ones.
Verily I say, leave the old ones.
Act with the new.
Know to open smilingly the Gates of the Path.
219. Darkness must be dispelled.
Let pure thoughts accompany My Task.
Be vigilant lest the dark ones desecrate My Name.
Know to find heirs who value the meaning of My Task.
220. My Hand initiates the worthy ones.
Know to judge in accordance with My Teachings.
221. We know the tides of the ocean,
And no drop shall overflow the banks.
222. Complex are the times and dark the forces,
But Our Ray is ever alight.
The Hand of the Creator adorns the shields of the
chosen ones with manifestations of the spirit.
The enemy's will not endure before the Will of the Creator.
223. Our Shields rust not,
Nor does the way to Us grow lusterless.
Measure the events by forty tests.
224. It is better to have stem knowledge than to be moved by sentiment.
I teach the truth of life.
You must know before you are able.
You must be able before you can act.
You can manifest what is justified by the spirit.
If thy boat is sound, thou wilt attain the shore.
Thy sail is spread and the rudder is tested.
My Shield will cover thee on the battle ground.
Be ready to fight.
By pure thoughts shalt thou conquer.
225. Life's fairy tale will be affirmed.
Amid encounters and letters, seek the sent diamonds of possibilities.
But hearken to the calling waves.
You must look beyond, into the far distance.
Understand it. My warriors.
226. Each one fulfills a step of the ascension and bears what is assigned.
227. I am spinning new threads. I am looking for the points of contact.
I place upon thy heads the fitting crowns.
And in silence I prepare thee for battle.
Rejoice, the courageous one chooses the right path.
I can protect the faithful ones.
228. The clamoring of the dark ones does not hinder
the construction of the new people.
They who know, conquer.
229. Yea, yea, yea, each word of unity is as the seed of
some fair flower.
To cultivate a garden of beauty is permitted to all.
But where are the gardeners who can judge the quality of the seed?
We shall teach them to gather the fertile stalks.
We shall pluck out the blighting weeds,
And the ground where God has manifested Himself
We shall adorn with flowers.
But where the flowers of unity are guard their petals.
Yea, yea, yea.
Night obscures the purest images.
But behold, the Light comet!
Wherefore to try thee,
if the Temple is not to be erected?
But the plan is in Our Hands
and the foundation is laid.
Let the Name of God be praised.
Not to trifles shall you be witnesses.
Life shall be regenerated.
I say it!
230. Thou must apply thy efforts.
By thy hands must thou build new force.
I shall help, I shall help, but add thy strength.
231. Shield and lance! God has blessed the warriors.
All will come. Twilight will end.
Dost thou not conceive that the Cosmic Consciousness is in convulsion?
We know the course of the battle the Plan of the
Creator cannot be altered.
From the Beginning the dark ones struggled.
From the Beginning We conquered.
232. The path of virtue is not a singing of psalms but labor and service.
It Karma be diverted, it will react against thee.
The travail of the spirit is the one ladder of the shortest way.
The suffering of a decade is crowded into a day in the
lives of the chosen ones.
Better a full cup of misery than a life of mild sadness.
Pay thy accounts in the hostelries on the way, and with
obeisance they will carry thy trunks onto the ships.
233. A miracle occurs without warning, but naught happens by accident.
Again I repeat be not afraid.
A new attack, but do not fear.
234. In your life you may pass by the predestined
places without heeding the calls.
By a gesture can We remove the obstacles.
But Our gestures will not erase the Karma.
Our Shield will protect you against the assaults of the dark forces.
But the settlement of the old accounts is inevitable.
The Hand of Fate leads towards the Good.
235. Whence dreams are begotten,
Where sacrifices are extolled,
Where the Invisible Light glorifies labor,
Thence come My Blessings.
In the whispering of leaves,
In the plash of waves,
In the murmur of the breeze,
I am with thee.
Amidst the cruel and the dark ones,
Amidst treason of the spirit,
Amidst strife and sorrow,
My Shield is over thee.
236. Bring light and glance not backwards.
237. Love even the knot-grass. God created it.
Understanding is concealed in the heart.
238. To sever the ties, to calculate Our Forces on the balance,
to cut oneself off from access to Us, is dangerous.
There is no jesting upon the approach to Light.
Powers surround each of your actions;
but as soon as morning consciousness succumbs to twilight,
then may the wings of darkness spread their way.
Darkness may steal unawares
upon those who turn back.
It is easy to miss one's footing in the mountains.
It were better not to reject the Guardian Hand
than to wait anxiously for the rescuer's lantern.
Grateful even at a dog's bark are the lost ones.
Is it not better to walk with a guide in the glistening snow?
Thou must understand, thou must remember, thou must know.
239. The common highway does not lead
to the Holy Mountain.
I regard an act of treason most heinous.
240. Joy is the manifestation of the Creator's Power,
illumining a world in darkness.
And Our Teaching enables all to share it, through labor.
241. A new day dawns over the earth.
The present hour is not a stream but a vortex.
Each personal world reflects the flaming sky aglow
with the Fire which demolishes the old forms.
The Wisdom of the Creator prophesies a New World.
By destruction He creates.
And can we, the witnesses, realizing the Great Design,
count ourselves afflicted?
The deaf and the blind and many seated in the councils
are only passers-by   the Creator cometh!
242. Thy life, is it not a fairy tale?
The flying carpets are spread,
And thou shalt soar with intrepid spirit.
Even the bears know why they must swim united.
And how many are the useful examples scattered around us!
Thou must endure, knowing full well Whose Shield is over thee.
243. Four guardians, protect the Chalice of the Archangel!
With new wine is filled the Ark manifested unto thee.
To the mouth of time did I give the command to bring
thee on My Way.
Under a veil did I conceal thy faces.
I recalled to thee the joy of ascent.
And I unsheathed the memory of the forgotten scroll.
I enhanced thy perception and opened to thee the books.
Approach and receive.
A prayer: "Thou who gavest the voice and shield to me,
send a Teacher upon my paths   my heart is open."
244. The new chosen ones will express their thoughts
briefly and lucidly.
Each epoch has its own aspirations.
At one period they denude the stone of its setting,
At another they embellish it beyond recognition.
245. The idiosyncracies of the spirit imprisoned
in an alien body necessitate the condonement of results
unnecessary to Us but convincing to mankind,
which prefers the lanes of a garden to nature.
246. Aum and Jehovah are two Pillars of the same Portal.
All are symbols of the one corridor of life.
247. At night do We teach thee.
During daytime men ascribe it to themselves.
The essential part of human existence is during the night hours.
The abyss is perceptible to the eye and the whirlwind is close to the ear.
Guardian, remember the entrusted treasure.
Behold, Our Calls bestow upon thee knowledge
greater than the traditions of old.
Calamity approaches. I teach thee to endure it.
The Hand of the Creator reveals the two spheres.
It is commanded to choose the way.
A pack of hounds is snarling,
And the owl flashes its eye in the dark.
But those who know are not in awe.
I am sending a Shield. Behold, and do not reject happiness.
248. The morning is oft misty and the chill penetrates the heart.
But thou knowest that happiness is coming.
Be warmed by the fire of consciousness of the future.
Twilight does not endure.
Yea, yea, yea.
The battle rages furiously.
The ear clearly discerns the thud of stamping.
Yea, yea, yea.
Be imbued with strength!
249. Let Us speak kindly and scientifically.
Not for Ourselves but for thee, do I speak of trust.
The messages shatter themselves against the barricaded heart.
When needless words are uttered, the currents ate mixed.
The emanations of irritation not only deny entrance
to the thoughts We send, but even a touch is not
to be sensed by the hedgehog.
In this, discern the difference between the quills
of a hedgehog and Our feathered Shield.
The benign arrows, like feathers, outline the circle of salvation;
But if the needles of doubt forbid the entrance
of Our Message, special difficulties arise.
The Higher Ones send Us Bliss.
We transmit it to you.
But if We and you reject the Bliss sent,
we shall be engulfed by the wave of evil.
The best apparatus is concealed in the brain.
Soon new centers will be returned to mankind.
Again will the tree of knowledge nourish.
250. Twilight is not eternal.
The storm must be outlived.
Thou must know how to hasten.
Be aflame!
251. Streams of joy fill the ocean of the Creator's Thought.
And thou pouring drops of joy into the human soul,
art bringing offerings to the Creator of the Universe.
Enlightenment will be endless.
Learn by teaching others.
Expounding joy, ye erred not.
Each tree in joy blossoms;
But shedding its leaves it grieves not,
remembering the spring.
252. Again during the battle you are diverted by flowers.
But mankind is far from flowers.
Repeat Beauty again and again, even with tears,
until you reach your destiny.
253. The earthly emanations are sometimes trying.
They will come to you. Display fire, they need it.
We must not hesitate when we see that we can bring them light.
Close not the path to the new who knock.
The old forms are not of use.
The one who understands Beauty will not confuse the travelers.
254. Our being needs the currents of prana.
A hostile force affects the tired organism.
Direct thy thoughts upon the unity of the world's creeds.
255. Dim is the light of the world.
And each desire to serve is especially precious to Us.
But know one thing,
that good mood and activity help Us best.
Not for revelations, but for service, did I summon thee.
Fire is not dangerous to wings.
256. Thou must be aflame in spirit, knowing that in
spirit abideth Truth.
Think, not of failure when wings are bestowed upon thee.
257. Thou must take care of thyself and endure until
the finish of the battle.
A powerful wave must be directed to engulf the entrenchments of evil.
The noumenon of power must be invoked.
And with erected teraphim must the fortifications of evil be broken.
258. I address thee, I command thee, and I fill thee
with desire for achievement.
But steadiness is not in trust alone but in construction.
Thy trust makes of Me the architect.
But it is thou who must build.
A harvester gathers his grain.
To gather figs one must find a fig tree and cultivate it.
259. Races will be effaced in the New World.
Speak not of races. The drops of different seas are alike.
260. Consider the manifestations of My Shield as predestined.
Consider the manifestation of Wisdom in the new generation as happiness.
Consider the manifestation of Enlightenment in men
as a step toward the New World.
Consider Our Manifestations as the hour of the World Guardians.
But observe Our Commandments.
Fulfill Our Message.
Know to bring Light.
And understand to manifest the grandeur of Beauty.
But to the wings that have touched the sun,
But to the courser before sunrise,
But to the song which filled midnight,
The way is not a terrible and cruel one.
And the star is close to those wh6 have found the Teraphim.
A smile should be sent to the stars.
261. When we are in a house we see it not, being within.
262. Purity of temper must be displayed, and taut
must be the strings of the heart.
Thou must smile.
Steel is tested by fire, but the strength of spirit grows
through the breath of life.
Much may be learned, even within a crane's flight.
But much must be endured if thou wouldst fly
to the Land of Marvel.
263. Among strangers, amidst dangerous destroyers, it is difficult.
Thou art ready to fly away   to show compassion, to
conciliate, to welcome them, is hardship.
Sowing with travail, and reaping with happiness
Our messenger performs miracles.
264. You may instruct them in resoursefulness.
In every circumstance are contained different
possibilities, but the mind must be directed toward the light.
265. Venerable is the dust of books,
But without this dust may the spirit be exalted.
A burden is within us.
Sing! A song frightens wolves.
It is well for the travelers to sing.
Intone a secret song and yield not to slumber.
266. Karma is of great importance, but of greater gravity is the choice.
Karma is but the condition of the choice.
But only the chosen ones are entrusted with a mission.
The Smile of the Creator crowns thee; not because of
gratitude, but due to rejoicing in the fire of thy heart.
And above the heads of the chosen ones glows the sign of fire.
As when the boughs of the tree are hewn the trunk gains strength,
So do abandoned habits purify the spirit.
By removing you purify;
By courage you assert;
By wisdom you find
Better to hasten than to slumber in expectancy.
Hew down the beams and erect thy dwelling.
267. In our daily lives we perceive not the vital moments.
We regard them as no better than the dust.
But the Creator's Hand is felt not only in the mighty
manifestations but even in the motion of an atom.
The Gates are open   guard the light!
268. It was after Origen that the false religion of the priesthood began to spread.
269. Learn of the power of the spirit.
Its strength is inexhaustible.
A word is but the minute part.
As the whirlwind is but the impetus of the blast,
As the snow is but the messenger of the cold,
As the lightning is but the eye of tlie storm,
So is the word but the dust from the breath of a creative thought.
The source of thought shines into the happy eyes.
And the chord of tension resounds into tlie sensitive ear.
And I, terrified, was overwhelmed at my nothingness.
But tlie Creator's Greatness compares the grain of sand to the mountain.
Understanding of the Beginning and of the Eternal fills each heart.
But be ready, and grant it entrance.
Leaves grow each day, but flowers have their seasons.
270. The falcon in flight droops not its wings.
A deer leaping the precipice lingers not.
Nor shall those who are to come at the appointed time tarry.
Not on flood tide nor on ebb tide, but on the golden
stream of the Cosmos, is borne the boat.
Spread are the sails and destined is the shore.
My Shield is glowing, and upon the shoulders shine the
rays of achievement.
I will strengthen My Light and wing thy feet.
O thou who art lengthening my path, I will find the
lightning and upon it will I ride the precipice!
I will enwrap myself in the whirlwind and leap upon the height!
Where is the dust of my path?
Where is the ravaging heat?
Where is the torrent of rain that concealed the ascent?
My feet are firm and Thy Ring is safe upon my hand.
Behold, O Lord, my falcon is approaching me!
I am carrying thee   I am sending a shower of Care.
My Care is thy joy.
271. I promise the growth of consciousness.
It comes gradually, unnoticed as the growth of grass.
First let us affirm contempt of food.
As the fallen fruit is gathered in a basket,
so are the outgrown thoughts carried away.
So, the knowledge of human imperfection ever existed,
but this fruit is also fallen.
At the gates of the New World the crowds gather.
Yet they perceive not the portals.
But easy are the steps of the spirit.
By a single wish are worldly desires surmounted.
Blessed are you who aspire to Beauty.
272. All the forces of the Cosmos should be consecrated
to the blossoming of the spirit.
Relaxation renews our organism.
Consciousness of an aim gives significance to each
manifestation of the spirit.
All the winds serve the miller to produce a better flour.
To learn all the outpourings of nature's manifestations
and to realize them as Beauty, means to accord wings to mankind.
A key is needed to unlock a prison,
But wings alone can transport thee to the light.
Each key pertains to its prison.
But the time approaches when mankind will abhor the key.

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