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273. Chance does not exist.
I must strengthen your knowledge of the powers of spirit.
After the great waves we reach the billows of people's
thoughts, even those of plants.
Thereafter the attuned ear merges into the ocean of Cosmic Harmony.
The lassitude of the body results from your striving for achievement.
The achievement is there. It expands as does the
immersed crystal.
We watch Our swimmers with solicitude, and should a
salty wave flow into your ear, be not afraid   We are with you.
274. Stretch thy arm across the abyss.
Above the precipice there is no fear.
More abhorrent to tlie spirit are the confines of room and rug.
Direct thy spirit toward Us.
Thou perceivest not the clouds as do We.
Striving creates miracles, but let Us be the Judges.
275. The erstwhile fragrance will become a stench.
The former song will become the noise of the wheel.
The former shield turns into an oven door.
So grows the spirit manifested before the world creation.
Within a small room, upon a small rug, thou hast shed thy former skin.
What cannot be laved in the snows of the mountains
and in the warmth of the sun?
The new garb will absorb the released wisdom.
We rejoice at thy observation of man, unmasked, denuded.
As though the curtains of the windows were drawn
aside and the innermost recesses revealed.
And it is easy to offer counsel when thou readest from an open book.
Thou dost evolve under My Eyes.
Yea, yea, yea.
We are exalted by thy steadfastness.
And it is easy to walk beside the precipice
when thou knowest of the flying carpet.
Observe everything.
276. Whilst thou wert at the market
A merchant knocked upon our door.
Thy necklace he wished to exchange.
Instead of red stones, he showed us stones of bluish fire.
Mother, we knew not which stones were brighter.
The merchant was tall, and raven was his beard.
Why art thou pensive, Mother?
The merchant meant to deceive us.
Red as blood are thy stones
and brilliant as fire thy necklace.
Why art thou so pensive, Mother?
We will not let him enter again.
But why do thy tears fall?
One of them glistens with a blue flame.
Was he not a sorcerer?
Nor do the hands of children discern the stones.
Often the red ones are their choice.
277. Amidst the life of everyday, seek the gleam of Light.
The growing concentration upon the Blessed Forces
will strengthen the consciousness of those who knock.
The token of eternal life will penetrate the lowliest mind.
Dear shopkeepers, what profit to cheat yourselves?
Poor rulers, what beauty is there in erecting prisons for yourselves?
Cruel sages, have you no shame in violating your beliefs?
And you children of the crowd, forget not that the star
which gleams between the houses is not a lamp.
You dive, you fly, and hear.
But where is the pearl of your spirit?
Whither are you going?
You have lost your bearings and an unfriendly bough
has pierced your wings.
Dust is harmful to the ears.
I speak as a physician. Yet are My remedies not complex
and My Trumpet will not deafen  -
The growth of grass is more audible.
Heart, comprehend it. Let tears bathe thy vessel.
278. The blade of grass revels in the sunlight.
Can it be that the eye of man alone averts itself from light?
A shield shall not conceal thy leprosy.
Nor shall a helmet replace thy head.
Our Call is plainer than a child's request.
Accept the treasure preserved for thee.
A fool raises a poor harvest.
But We provide the best seed and sell it cheaply.
Can it be that you choose to devour each other
through your ignorance?
I beseech you and also warn you: there will be
revelations when the veil begins to be raised.
Nor shall your spectacles save your eyes,
clouded with dust.
Seek a physician.
279. The hand of night holds the pearl.
The eye of day covets the treasure.
Darkness is not impenetrable to the eye of the eagle.
Reveal a new treasure.
280. If we are driven to fight and destroy evil,
shall we not be even as fanatics?
Where is the boundary of Justice?
But those who were trained in the school of harmony
will recognize the mandates of the heart.
Our disciple determines each sword thrust
with his spirit directed to Us.
He hesitates not but assails the treachery of the enemy.
Not repose but resourcefulness rules Our warriors.
Nor closed are their eyes.
We are summoning thee to action.
Tell it to those who believe that We divert them from labor.
281. You must comprehend the dates revealed to you.
Through that understanding will be revealed the Cosmic Organization.
The Guardian Hand rests upon the spirit,
And like a pilot Steers it over waves and seasons and elements.
Therefore must Our disciples be able to hearken
to the breath of life of every day.
Not your signs are the fog of ignorance and the
grimace of discontent -
Leave these to the dark ones.
My Shield is a Refuge to the pure.
My Arrows are Wings to the faithful.
My Sword is a Torch to the courageous.
My Smile is the promised Bliss to the wise.
My Heart is thy Abode.
Thy temple is a wonder to Me.
Know to find Anthony and Ursula in life.
I believe you may comprehend My Commandments.
282. Thou shalt learn of Our Aspirations upon the peaks of the mountains.
Thou shalt hear of Our Manifestations, yet shalt thou not believe.
Because We teach only those who knock.
Firmly will We reject the traitors.
Austerely shalt thou speak of Us.
Hearken, the new ones show signs of understanding.
Let not the enemies approach; they are dangerous to the new ones.
Smilingly listen to the contentions of the scientist.
He perceives naught, yet the Eagle Eye is above thee.
283. Be alert for the moment to listen.
The great silence envelopes the hearkening ear -
After noise it is impenetrable.
And amidst the battle silence is ever more astounding.
The ear is turning in contempt from the earthly plane.
What is unattainable today comes with ease tomorrow.
The difficulties of the path are caused by the habits of the body.
Therefore guard the children from habits.
As fungus which spreads upon the walls of a house,
must habits be destroyed.
A plague of beetles swarms in the corners.
Darkness has chained humanity, but the lightning
of the sword shall cleave obscurity asunder.
Light shall prevail!
284. Pure air is needed for a current.
Liken it to electricity after a thunderstorm.
Miracles may happen everywhere, but the teaching
depends upon tlic progress of the spirit.
285. On the borderland of consciousness the
manifestations of happiness and darkness are mingled.
The change from day to night is imperceptible to the eye.
But hallow the sacredness of God's Abode.
No dust, no anger, must thou bring;
and thou must stifle thy hunger if thou wouldst face Divine Knowledge.
The aspiration of the spirit is the sparkling of Bliss.
Blessings test the armor.
286. New ones will come.
New ones will come.
New ones will come.
Count thy friends.
Look for the gates of the coming Ascension.
Revivify thy strength   
the arrows tall limp and powerless.
Learn to fly.
287. Let him not approach for whom the probation seems too long.
288. Thou layest a new foundation for the manifestation of Beauty.
With thee do We pronounce the beginning of a new Teaching.
Flood tide and ebb tide succeed each other, but the
ninth wave rises highest.
Would that I could reveal to thee the great battle of Our day.
289. You who deny the gospel of hope, of action, and of courage,
Who deem unbearable the term of learning,
Who pale before the face of love,
Who are startled by an angel's wings,
We need thee not!
The temple is glowing and Our Path is fixed.
And each morning brings us closer to the sun.
And happy are they who minded not the day and who
seized the pearl of the spirit.
This pearl loses not its luster; and you, poor ones,
where will you find a treasure more enduring?
Let us estimate values, but let us not insist on money as the measure.
The underground vaults have been filled full.
I will replace earth's gold with a new metal.
A golden shield is not trustworthy.
290. Display thy wisdom   I speak of action.
Each day brings a new ray of strength.
Action has not a personal aspect when the bellows of
ignorance cry upon the defenses of the pure dwelling.
The motion of the Hand of the Divine Sower
encompasses the earth.
And the hands of all His Sons shall be uplifted with
one accord and They shall cast Their seed.
I will attest the time of action.
Regard the approaching days as the threshold
of the winter's activity.
Hasten and display action.
Join thy forces for labor.
Warriors have never been in such a fray.
O thou keen blade, O thou smiting hammer!
I am coming, Master Builder. I am coming!
291. Be resourceful act!
292. We speak but once.
Do not repeat your questions.
What is not understood or is unheard is lost for earth.
You may have new comprehension and may ascend,
but by new steps.
Therefore be alert and prudent.
Weariness is not dangerous.
But levity and callousness are banes to mankind.
Like a householder in constant action, be not afraid of
a few drops of labor's perspiration.
Even an evil action is better than lethargy.
Attain the port. For each one is a ship provided.
293. Is justice difficult?
A child measures justice better than a judge.
Wherefore can only the aged and tlie children be the arbiters of the earth?
Blundering is human judgment.
Laws have obstructed the entrance.
Know to judge in the open beneath tlie stars.
Understand to measure the distance with closed eye.
To find the light of the scaled eye is granted to each one;
But sluggishness, ingratitude, ignorance and brutality
are driving thee, blind travelers.
Where is children's justice?
Wash away the dust of habit.
294. Some dwell in cellars, some in attics.
Others are content with a room in another's dwelling.
But some possess an entire house.
I wish to give a house to those who dwell with Us.
It is not bad to possess an entire dwelling.
Glorious is it to admire the sunrise from the terraced garden.
And cheaply do We sell the house -
A word from the heart and an action of beauty.
Not great is the price.
Understand thy profit.
Understand it even in a worldly sense.
295. Creator, let my spirit be revived when the storm abates.
Thunder fills the silence of the night, and lightning crosses my window.
Can it be that even during such a night the Messenger will come?
But I know my question is a froward one.
The Messenger is coming.
Master, my mind is dull with sleep and my eyes
penetrate not the darkness.
I will place a hammer at my door.
Let the Messenger shatter the bolt.
Wherefore shall I need a lock after the coming of the Messenger?
296. Wherefore, O Lord, dost Thou not trust me
to gather the fruits of Thy Garden?
But where are thy baskets?
Why, O Lord, dost Thou not pour upon me the streams of Thy Bliss?
But where are thy pitchers?
O Lord, why dost Thou whisper and not proclaim Thy Truth in thunder?
But where are thy ears? It were better, moreover, to
hearken to the thunder amidst the mountains.
297. People are gathering.
Experiences are increasing.
Help comes more easily.
Thus does the ship, spreading its sails, quicken its course.
Easily, lightly, upwards and verily unnoticed,
dost thou bear up the burdens of life,
as the pollen of the flowers.
Let the crossing be easy again.
Easily, upwards, joyously.
Concern not thyselves with soles when wings are
growing upon thy shoulders.
But beware lest thou emulate Icarus.
298. Why does the eye become far-sighted toward the end of life?
Experience directs our eye into the distance and the present is veiled.
Thus you receive the knowledge of the future.
Traverse the present without sinking in the slough of the swamps.
But action before aught else.
Verily, verily, a bird in its flight is sometimes more useful than a benumbed man.
299. I perceive the enemies will be destroyed by miraculous fire.
The time of action is but begun.
Comprehend devotion, faith and courage.
I shall safeguard thee with a helmet of faith,
an armor of devotion, and a shield of victory.
And on the banner shall be inscribed:
Love, the Conqueror.
300. The mind expands by day.
Goodness wings its way to happiness.
But between Us the bridge is spirit.
By spirit one can raise mountains.
But this bridge can be razed within a moment.
And the remaining abyss not all the rocks
of the created mountains can refill.
Therefore, guard the flower of Adamant.
It blossoms not on ice.
But if the Creator has granted thee the strength
of this bridge between Us, go nurture the flame.
Say to the passers-by,
"We know whither we are bound."
301. My mouth shall be speechless,
And I shall be unable to comprehend the Shield of
Mercy, it love fly from me.
I shall be earthbound at morning if my wings droop during the night.
And what shall I outspread to hail the morning sun?
My smile, where art thou?
And what mark brands my forehead?
What is the luminous word with which to greet the light?
What is precious? I shout, I affirm Love.
I said it!
302. Value not the word which explains.
Take rather the affirmation of the first Teacher.
I said it!
303. The Word of the Teacher unlocks the bolt.
Lay thy heart upon the threshold of the morning ray
and I will shield thee.
I rejoice in protecting the treasure.
304. The time of the crowning of the Temple is close at hand.
Address thyself reverently to the Temple.
And when with thee I shall go round the structure,
We shall direct a prayer to the Creator of the Universe.
And We shall award tribute according to labor and to merit.
Understand that God's services cannot be bought.
Religion was throttled by gold.
A shield of gold does not endure.
I am summoning the wise ones.
New and useful ones will gather.
And the tree of union will flourish.
305. They will ask thee, "Where arc thy proofs?
Many there be of false prophets."
Answer that We judge only by deeds.
We measure only by results.
A false prophet leads to a lie,
And a lie is consummated in evil.
And then canst thou perceive the trail of the dragon
Therefore do We consider only deeds.
The Teacher knows our path, and to His Mercy
we leave the hindering voices.
I said it!
306. The harvest must be gathered with a scythe.
The ear of corn must be brought into the granary by hand.
Pure grain must be tanned by the breath,
And the chaff discarded.
Thus do We choose the banners of the future.
I said it!
307. Naught is destroyed without purpose.
Each is destined to receive his call.
But the trumpets of angels are inaudible to sluggish ears.
More impregnable than the Walls of Jericho
are the structures of triviality.
Are thy cars free from dust?
I speak!
308. What shall be done to those who threaten thee?
What shall be done to those who remain unmoved?
What shall be done to those who prate of the day of tomorrow?
And many there be now the knowing ones.
Bill I will tell them, "Open your ears."
I will tell them, "Cleanse your hands before you
attempt your shouting."
I say it. I say it.
I have told them.
I Myself attest.
I Myself will put an end to it,
when I deem the time ripe.
But now go. My Hand is with thee.
Yes, yes.
309. Amidst tellers, amidst the slaughter,
Amidst silence, amidst revolt,
Amidst those afar and near,
Remember Me.
The Power is ever with thee.
Disciple, does the sea shell fear the velvet rolling of the waves?
Be not afraid of the tide.
310. I deem that the spirit finds the moment for all things.
If the lighthouse is a constant beacon of safety for travelers,
So much more shall My warriors be ever aflame
with the fire of salvation.
And the flame of action kindles other fires.
311. You already know that neither goodness nor
intellect alone leads to Us,
But the evidence of spirituality is needed.
This quality comes the moment the spirit is ready.
Naught can hasten the affirmation of the path.
Even a Call is useless.
Therefore, search not for followers.
But heartily welcome those who knock.
It is shameful to miss in sleep the knocking of a heart.
Better to meet with failure than not to answer to the winged desire.
312. Pupil, wherefore thoughts that cannot be fulfilled?
Dissipate not thy force in languor of thy spirit.
My Lotus is a joy to the visitors to My Garden.
Children! Action, action, action.
Thoughts towards good give rise to vibrations
of the Master's Soul.
Remember, the Master's Soul is thy abode.
Do not forget Him in thy strife for Bliss.
In the name of humanity I am speaking to thee.
The Master is ever at thy door, but leave the door open.
Await Him and He will respond to thy call,
As responds the flower to the call of the morning sun.
In My Name go through life, and thou shalt conquer darkness.
The rain cloud will not wet thee, nor the burning sun cause thee suffering.
For I am thy Guardian, thy Friend and Father.
313. Children, children, dear children.
Do not think that Our Community is hidden from
humanity by impassable walls.
The snows of Himalaya that hide Us are not obstacles
for true seekers, but only for investigators.
Mind the difference between the seeker
and the dry, skeptical investigator.
Give thyself to thy work, and I will lead thee on the
path of success in the Yonder World.
314. We send you this message:
Let the stones speak the truth,
Let the plants and trees proclaim the joy of creation,
But let the man act.
For in action is buried the fruit of man's striving.
Birds do not remember their deeds and the deeds of others;
Therefore they return to the old places.
So let the man forget his faults, and let him strive
on the path to greater Silence and Bliss.
The Great Silence is like the roaring of an ocean
and the quietude of an empty house.
315. We decide and send thee Our Word in the rays of the morning.
Not in dreams nor in desire but in unity of spirit.
Beholding Bliss thou goest as herald,
bringing Our Tidings.
Condemn not, but act.
Meditate not, but create, but find -
And I, Myself, will be thy succor.
I said it!
316. Avoid those who do not hear.
Pass by those who do not see yes.
317. Be the beholder and the listener.
Know thy path.
O Lord, give strength to my heart
and power to my arm.
Because I am Thy servant.
In Thy Rays I shall learn the eternal Truth of Being.
In Thy Voice I shall listen to the harmony of the World.
My heart I give to Thee, O Lord.
Sacrifice it for the sake of the World.
Know ye the truth, the great truth of the everlasting
bonds between Father and Son and between the son and his son.
The fruit and flowers of My Garden are given to all,
and ye must be the Keepers of My Garden.
At My Gates I shall place ye and in My Name ye shall proclaim.
My Word be with thee.
318. We manifest revelations unto a sensitive ear.
And thy wish may bring to thee Our Voice.
Our Ray, as a beacon, is searching the darkness,
And with the aid of its light the ship reaches port.
Twilight must not exist for you.
They will ask wherein is the strife for perfection.
Reply: In Love, in Beauty, in Action.
These three paths suffice.
Even beneath a tree you feel yourselves sheltered.
Even beneath a rock you feel yourselves firm.
But how protected will you feel yourselves beneath My Ray!
In silence and in tumult thy voice reaches Our Summit.
Through the mist the ray of the lighthouse is dim,
But Our Ray shines amidst thine.
Our Ray radiates, and in the silence of the ocean thou shall seek Us.
319. They will ask why thy book differs so from the others.
Tell them their books expound the doctrine of
quiescence but We sound the call to battle.
In explanation, in teaching, in approval, there is the
summons to battle and to action.
Each season affords new ways.
The spirit leaps the precipice.
Help to thee, who art rushing into the path.
Help to thee, who hast forgotten time and body.
Help to thee, who hast responded.
A watchful Eye is over thee.
Eagles soar aloft as messengers.
And turtles bring their gifts for shields.
Miracle, miracle, miracle is wrought.
And warriors shall hear the Commandment.
320. In the mist thou shalt find the way,
for I am with thee.
Know the unfathomable character of eternal creations.
The Form which is formless,
the Sound which is soundless.
Behold the joy of creation and rejoice at the Wisdom of the Creator.
The Glory of the Eternal Being radiates in the stars,
and His Might is symbolized in earth's highest summits.
Amidst valley and mountain, amidst forest and plain,
wilt thou wander in search of thy Master.
O foolish one, why seek so far?
I am here, thy Master.
In thy bosom cherish the thoughts of service towards Good.
O Lord of my prayers, be merciful to me in my striving.
Rebuke me not for my transgressions.
My spirit sings the song Thy Song.
But my body is weary and my limbs obey me not.
Pupil, thy body must not hinder thee upon the path.
Master, I see Thy Face, I behold Thy Mercy.
Pupil, I am here, but in thy blindness thou didst forget
My Presence.
Eternal, unfathomable, great and lofty is the Truth.
But the searcher will approach it with ease and will conquer its tenets.
321. Behold Nature when thou art in it.
Hearken to the manifestation of creation in every sound of the desert.
The Master is behind each manifestation of thy spirit.
In His Rays thou shalt find the joy of creation.
Children, do not spare time in the search for Truth.
The Great Sages have found it by intense search.
Believe in thy forces and know that thou art chosen
by Him Who is thy Father in spirit.
If in a moment of weakness thou wilt totter on thy way -
stretch out thy hand, and help will come.
322. I shall say to those who knock:
On your way you may perceive a vessel brimming with spirituality.
Know to discern it.
If you recognize it, try to approach as closely as possible.
Remember, the spirit, like flame, kindles new fires,
and, like a powerful magnet, attracts.
Therefore, turn not aside the predestined happiness.
We can send a call, but this call is not repeated.
One should have an open way.
I speak to all who stifle in the confines of man-made cellars.
Approach, you who crave joy,
The day of joy is at hand.
I said it!
323. Think of the stars that always give their light to humanity.
Be like these stars and give your love, wisdom and knowledge to others.
Only when everything is given can we receive.
In My Name do you work; do not forget that point.
Mind it particularly.
Wherever you go bring My Light with you.
Of what use is an agent who hides himself beyond impassable walls?
The Teacher is with you, and you must be in harmony
with your followers.
Harmony, harmony, harmony.
Do not regret your path;
forget the worldly pride and be open towards the New.
324. I tell thee, let the flame of thy heart be alight
with the fire of compassion. In compassion is buried the great pearl of Secret
All Bodhisattvas, all Holy Ones, all Martyrs, strove along this Path.
Remember the legend o? the Seven Gates.
Not for all is the thorny way a hardship.
There are souls to whom the thorny crown is sweeter than a kingly one,
And a coarse garment more precious than the royal purple.
325. In forests look for My Precepts.
Amidst mountains listen for My Call.
In the rippling of the stream be aware of My Whisper.
But is it verily a human whisper?
Nay, it is the roaring of the ocean or the thunder amidst the heights.
I ask thee, where is thy sling to strike the enemy?
Be ready to right. I am with thee.
326. Thou must remember the spark of Our power.
It will awaken the dead.
But as the firefly loses gradually its light,
So easy is it to extinguish Our spark.
327. Remember the vigor of a dawning hour.
The coolness of the morning is a refreshing draught to thy spirit.
Hasten to profit by it.
Thou Blossom of the Lotus Flower,
Dream of Dreams,
Seven-Pointed Pearl!
In Thee is hidden the knowledge of the universe.
In Thee is born the striving to behold the mysteries.
Hidden Temple of the Unknown,
Giver of Living Waters,
Great Healer of the Universe,
Soul ever-watchful over worldly terrors!
In Thy Light bathes Thy faithful servant,
Who has chosen Thee to be his whole possession.
O Lord of the Wisdom of Heavenly Gates,
Erect Thy Throne Upon the topmost mountain.
Thence wilt Thou better see the tear and anguish of human hearts.
O Lord named the Compassionate,
Behold Thy sons engulfed in human darkness.
Darkness, darkness, darkness.
Light, light, light.
Without the darkness there would be no light,
For only in darkness may we behold the light.
But where abideth He, the Lord,
There is nor light, nor darkness.
All is One.
Mystery of Mysteries.
Holy of Holies.
Unapproached by men. It remains pure;
But realized by human minds. Its luster dulls.
Such is the law.
Follow the banner of battle.
328. Across the deserts, seas and mountains,
You transport yourselves in one breath.
And there, face to face we meet.
There is no space. Time exists not.
The power of knowledge is manifested.
It is easy to soar when thou hast wings.
I shall say it is easy to those who feel their wings.
But those to whom the cup of worldliness is sweet, fly not.
Whither will they fly from their delight?
By experience shalt thou learn the fruitlessness of
earthly wishes.
It is simple because all things are simple.
Soar with thy thoughts. Fly by affirmation.
Fly by love.
And thou wilt realize the joy of flying.
And again the gulf of life will remain beneath thy feet.
And a miracle of flaming colors will radiate
near the splendor of the Southern Cross.
All is attainable.
329. Wherefore to suffer mortification of thy body?
Wherefore to destroy what is bestowed upon thee by
the Creator?
Seek new paths!
Find thy way amidst the difficulties of life.
I am here thy Master speaks. Be open to Us.
Bury not thyself in life.
O Thou Creator of the Universe,
Thou Summit of Heaven, Glory of Glories!
Great Unmanifested in the Beginning,
Manifested at the End!
Yea, yea, yea!
Where is the Beginning, where the End?
Rejoice upon thy way.
Be grateful to the Giver of all Treasures.
He will hearken to thy prayer amidst the greatest
clamor of the street.
Falter not in despair.
Knock upon the door. It stays unlocked.
And the Master awaits thee within His House.
Partake not of the choice food of the table of the Lord.
But hearken to His Word.
330. Children, be ready for great ingratitude.
Ye may give up the most precious and they will
remark it not.
But have no regrets. Traveler, thou must renounce all
possessions that impede thee.
And the more thou renounceth, the lighter thy path.
Be grateful to those who have taken from thee.
They will help. They took care of thee.
Thus, he who goes lightly, easily attains the heights.
And thou wilt learn how to reach the summit.
Therefore, be grateful to the ingrates.
I said, I send unto thee Bliss.
331. Work, the path is open for work.
In thy hands are the greatest possibilities.
My crown be with thee, for I gave the crown.
Be on thy guard. Expect Our Help each moment.
Know that no reward must be expected.
Reward is not for thee.
Ye workers must pursue the path boldly,
without thought of danger or joy of tomorrow.
Remember what I have said unto thee.
Enjoy not the choice fruit from the table of the Lord.
Partake only of that which is bestowed for the benefit of thy labor.
Reward is coming, but expectation never brings reward.
Did Christ, Crucified, consider the salvation of His Soul?
Even in smallest measure try to be as He.
Compassion, compassion, compassion.
Many times before have I appealed to you to be as those who bear compassion.
Children, pupils. My children, be happy!
The greatest joy is near.
I Myself, I so attest, I affirm.
332. When through thy temporary bodies
shines the splendor of thy spirit,
Art thou not filled with strength and joy?
And art not all thy beings blended in the joy
of that effort of thy spirit?
And then am I near to thee.
And then dost thine ear discern the rustle of My Step.
333. Thou who hast ear,
Thou who hast open eye,
Thou who perceiveth Me,
Be blessed.
Let My Name be a forged talisman to thee.
May the depths of Heaven be bountiful to thee.
Blessings unto thee.
Direct thine eye like a falcon into the distance.
This is My counsel.
You, My disciples, behold!
Dream of the future and you will see the regeneration of the world.
Forget not compassion in your striving. Understand Me.
Remember, Art is the one vital medium of the coming culture.
Through Beauty shalt thou approach.
I bid thee pronounce Beauty.
One said Love.
Another said Action.
Thou said Beauty.
If you desire the gates to be opened, pronounce My Sign.
I said Beauty in combat and victory.
I said Beauty, and failure was covered by Beauty.
Mountains blossomed with Beauty.
And you must open the way for the flowers of Beauty.
Let the children approach and bow
before Him Who brought the Beauty of the great Universe.
Understand, there are no possessions nor decisions,
nor pride, nor repentance.
There is one thing alone Beauty.
And to thee I entrust it.
Guard, expound and affirm this Beauty.
Therein lies thy way.
With Beauty shall I meet those who will attain Me,
And they are already on their way.
364. I summon thee.
I proclaim thee Mine own.
And on thy girdle are clinking the keys to the doors of trust.
But how many have approached these doors!
And even tried to turn the key,
But did not know the moment to open.
And what is missed cannot be regained.
When you approach the lock, signal not to the old passerby.
Do not call again to those who have shown their ignorance.
On every crossroad new ones await you,
And every stone of the building brings you My Sign.
And when you enter and commence the tower,
Measure its foundation and encircle the rock under it;
For from this tower shall you behold the distances, ye builders!
I address thee briefly,
For thou must learn and remember.
Remember, remember, remember,
what I have told thee.
I said it.
365. The Secret is revealed in safety.
Do not destroy people by confiding too much unto them.
Often the burden of the load presents only a view of the back.
366. Approaching the mountain, one beholds a chaos
of stones and jagged peaks.
Beyond are the rocky chasms.
Then begin the mountain plains, watered by snow.
But behind the snowy summits thou wilt behold
great glimmering distances.
Thou art passing through a corridor of life,
And art raising dust with thy steps.
How great is the burden, how many the renunciations,
how vast the fear!
Where was left the Treasure of the World?
But if thou dost carry with thee only a precious stone
or rarest pearl wilt thou forget them?
Nay, thou wilt guard them carefully.
Thou wilt search thy pockets and fasten the clasps,
because thou dost carry a treasure of earth.
What care!
Thou wilt ask, "How, amidst the stress of life,
can one remember the Treasure of the World?"
I shall smile and say that it is simple -
Gather at the seashore a pebble smoothed by the waves.
and carry it with thee, remembering the Treasure
of the World.
And when they press around thee
and cover thy garments with dust,
Then take in thy hand the chosen stone,
And do not forget the Treasure of the World
which I commanded thee to safeguard.
Remember, remember, remember.
I said it.
367. Shepherds have received the revelations.
Emperors have searched for it.
Scribes have displayed obstinacy about it.
Leaders have been fearful of it.
The Voice of God overshadows all when there is spiritual readiness.
368. The pulse reveals the synthesis of vibrations.
Each organism, up to and including the Universe,
has its own pulse.
A sensitive apparatus is brought into action
by even the pulse of a man.
The pulse of atoms creates an energy combination
which can be expressed easily in a formula.
It is still forbidden to recall it
because it will lead only to destruction.
I speak about dust because it penetrates deeply
and serves as a glove for the hand of the enemy.
Thus do people leave behind them warm, grey gloves
for the dark visitor.